Attitude is above all the story of a Mauritian family, pioneer of the tourist industry in its country, with 50 years’ experience and cornerstone to two of the major hotel groups existing nowadays. Their secret is trust, their main asset. They trust their Family Members (their employees) who in return trust them, thus allowing not only the well being of each one of Attitude’s guests but succeeding in the art of creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the Attitude hotels.

Since its creation in 2008 the commercial label has been evolved from Attitude Resorts to Attitude and in November 2011 through a rebranding process, known as a new emerging hotel Group in the Mauritian hospitality sector. For Jean Michel Pitot, CEO, the commitment and passion for the tourism industry are unchallenged. Having spent some 25 years in building up the worth of another Resorts, Jean Michel considers the story as ongoing, yet, a different one. The personal beliefs of the CEO draw Attitude towards living an attitude within the culture and values of the company in its daily interactions at all levels and situations. Within this professional setting, family members of the hotels, guests and stakeholders in general are meant to be partnering with Attitude in making the success story for all.


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