Since 1850, IBL Shipping has provided its services to the major shipping industry’s stakeholders.
They offer top-notch, all-inclusive agency services to all kinds of ships that call at Port Louis, such as:
· Cruise Lines
• Specialised Vessels

• Luxury Yachts
• Liners
• Fishing Vessels/Reffer Ships

At IBL Shipping , we have at heart the development and wellbeing of our team members.
In tune with this approach – the focus to put in place and maintain a conducive work environment along with a positive atmosphere whereby our Staffs feel valued – remain the bedrock of all our initiatives. Mutual trust and collaboration at all levels of the organisation are the very foundation which keep the employment relationship sound and strong. Regular feedback through employee communication initiatives whereby everyone is welcome to voice out their concerns around issues affecting their work and work place as well as take cognizance of their aspirations, suggestions and ideas to improve, is the driving force for the way forward.


IBL SHIPPING, works with Great Place To Work® since 2024.

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